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16 July 2024

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Six months after embarking on this new chapter, and after countless redecorations, I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Foxholt Clinic is finally finished!


Thank you to all of you who lived through the relocation with me, and watched patiently (no pun intended) as the new clinic took shape.


For those of you yet to visit, The new clinic is easy to find, situated next to the first tee on the Chesham and Ley Hill Golf Club.

Foxholt is the first clinic l've established for 25 years and I’ve kept in mind all the things I’ve liked about the clinics I've worked in, and all the things I’ve felt could be improved and that I'd do differently.

With Foxholt I’ve created a relaxing and spacious clinic, in a peaceful setting, that’s easy to reach and has ample free parking. To match the surroundings, appointments are unhurried, with the focus on always having enough time.

At Foxholt, I'm able to ensure the focus is always on you, not the clinic or the clock!


I look forward to welcoming you for your next appointment!


These are all the updated contact details:


To update your personal information or remove your details from the active list please text me on 07595 038400, or email

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